Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Science News Concerning the Creation vs. Evolution Debate

Well, I decided to go back to using this blog. I needed a good spot to publish current interesting science news that ties in to the Creation vs. Evolution debate.

Snake Born With a Foot

The interesting one today was an actual picture of a snake born with a foot.

This is important, of course, because mutations like this are never simply a brand new feature to the species. Fully-formed extra parts are either reproductions of a current part or throwbacks in evolutionary history.

Of course, creationists don't object to snakes showing that they had feet in their evolutionary past. They believe that snakes walked in the garden of Eden.

Comet Plays Moon for Jupiter for Twelve Years

This Scientific American Story was pretty interesting. I don't know how certain scientists are that the comet was really captured as a Jovian moon from 1949-1961, but they're awful good at calculating things like that.

Off Topic Grammar Comment Because I Love Grammar

By the way, since this is my blog, I'm going to go ahead and address things I love to talk about, like grammar.

When you want to use Jupiter as an adjective, as I just did in "Jovian moon," Jovian is the word to use. The interjection "by Jove," is actually a reference to Jupiter as a god, so it's a way of swearing. In this case, it's swearing as in an oath, not cussing.

Let's go one further. Swearing and cursing did not use to mean saying 4-letter words. They used to refer to actual oaths and curses. Since the Bible forbids both to Christians (Matt. 5:34; Rom. 12:14), swearing and cursing were negative things to do. Eventually, we applied the terms to any bad words, and thus cussing, a slang version of cursing, was born as a word.

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