Friday, October 9, 2009

Achaeopteryx: No Longer a Bird?

Now here's a biggie for the anti-evolutionist side! Archaeopteryx is getting a less transitional classification!

I can't wait to see tomorrow's blogs!

So Am I Anti-Evolution Now?

No, of course not. Archaeopteryx is still a transitional fossil. It's just more on the dinosaur side than was thought.

Even more importantly, these are evolutionist scientists reporting this. Evolutionists took tiny slivers of the fossil and analyzed growth patterns to determine that Archaeopteryx aged like a dinosaur, not a bird.

This is not a piece of evidence against evolution. It's a piece of evidence that scientists--evolutionary ones, which is most of them--are honest. They're weighing the facts, not making up their own conclusions.

In fact, there was a recent story I didn't cover about a small relative of the T-Rex that turns out to have light bones like a bird. There's still no doubt the bird line goes back through dinosaurs.

Now, there's a new missing link. Archaeopteryx moves over one slot towards dinosaur, and there's an empty spot where it was. You anti-evolution creationists (I'm a pro-evolution creationist) better not gloat. Scientists are getting better at knowing where to dig, and that hole is likely to be filled soon.

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