Saturday, January 9, 2010

Australian Aborigines Find Ancient Meteor Impact Sites

Duane Hamacher, a researcher in Australia, followed Arrernte Aborigine legends to two impact craters, according to a story by

What's surprising about this, assuming it isn't just coincidence, is that these craters are very old. One is a new find, but the crater has all the indications of being millions of years old. The other is known and has been dated to 140 million years ago.

How did these Aborigines know about the craters? Their legend that a star fell from the sky could not have been passed down for 140 million years, unless Land Before Time was a true story and our reptile ancestors could talk.

What Hamacher suggests is that the Aborigines have been passing down stories of stars falling since meteors left craters just 4,000 years ago. They later found similar craters from millions of years ago, recognized them for what they were, and passed on legends of what they were.

This is impressive because it would mean the Aborigines were recognizing meteor impact craters long before modern science did.

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