Monday, April 9, 2012

Unthinking but Certain

I get enough emails nowadays to provide content for a blog just from the emails.

Last night I got an email that said:

Why do you lie and try and put evolution and creation together. My God didnt need bilions of years of death to get us right. HE did it right the first time. I have no problem with science. Evolution is not science. It is religion just like creation. You cant put them both together. The devil is the author of confusion. And evolution confuses people and takes them away from God. Its not only a dumb theory, it is dangerous. And you will have to answer to God one day. So please brother just listen to these words and consider them. I only say this out of love.

This person then put together a salvation plea for me. Do I know where I'm going when I die?

Who was it from? Who knows. The name was "anonymous," and the email address was fake. This person had something to say, and he didn't want to hear anything.

This person was so upset with my web site that he wrote another email 15 minutes later:

And just so you know, you are leading people away from Christ trying to put in evolution with creation. Let me ask u a question. Which theory did Hitler believe in when he justified the murder of millions of people? And how is "micro evolution" evidence for the other five kinds of evolution? Delusion is something that is going on all over the world.

This was followed with a warning that it would be better for me to have a millstone tied around my neck than to make little ones stumble.

Again, fake email and "anonymous" as the name.

It is exactly this sort of thing that makes people think they have to check in their brains when they become a Christian. A lot of us just can't do that; nor do we believe God wants us to do that. We'd like some actual evidence against the theory of evolution, and that is in short supply unless it's invented by some dishonest creationist.

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