Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Creation Cycle: A Heretic's Homily

As far as I'm concerned, God wrote two sets of Scripture. One came from prophets and apostles, and the other comes from the heavens and earth. I read an article on interstellar molecules today, and I just cannot ignore the finger of the Creator in the skies.

Supernovas, because of what causes them, produce massive amounts of carbon-based molecules. Those are called organic molecules because all known life is made from them. This article tells us that the interaction of these organic molecules in space, produce larger and larger molecules. One they found is a precursor to Adeline, one of the nucleotides that is part of the DNA code. Meteors occasionally bring such molecules to earth.

It may not be very convincing to you, but to me this is my favorite argument for evolution. This incredible cosmic machine, spitting out organic molecules, reacting them in space on ice crystals, then carrying them to planets on meteors--that all has nothing to do with life? God did all that for no reason? Instead of using that amazing creation cycle, he molded man from dirt on the ground?

Sorry, I don't believe God's like that. The dust we're made of is stardust, my Christian friends. Very awesome.

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