Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking the Anti-Evolutionist Side Today

I do have to grant one argument to the anti-evolutionists. Sometimes science oversteps its bounds.

This Discover article could have been requested by Answers in Genesis so that they would have an article to abuse.

Holy Nebraska Man, Batman! Discover actually led the article with a picture of one molar with which they are claiming to overturn early European human history!

Given, we can analyze internal and external structures better than we ever could. Determining that a tooth aligns better with archaic Homo sapien fossils than with Neandertal fossils is more possible than ever. Nonetheless, this finding is overriding determinations previously made, probably in similar confidence. Couldn't we at least issue the report a bit more humbly? "It appears ... " or "It may be ... " would be excellent expressions to find in this article.

What are the odds that other leading anthropologists are going to dispute the conclusions of this team? I'd say it's extremely likely. All sorts of confident statements were issued about Australopithecus sediba, but it was mere days before Donald Johanson, famous for discovering "Lucy," was disputing the conclusions of the discoverers.

I don't even want to run into an anti-evolutionist and hear them bring up the last falsely identified tooth one more time. Their argument may be pointless and irrelevant, but it's annoying. Why throw fodder to them when science is supposed to be known for its tentative conclusions.

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