Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dinosaur Footprints

Discovery reports the largest dinosaur footprints ever found. The footprints are over 4 feet across and circular.

Scientists don't have any way of knowing what sauropods (that's the four-legged, long-necked dinosaurs like the Brontosaurus; there are many such species) caused the footprints, but they are likely to have weighed 40 tons and been 80 feet long. (Wow.)

The sediment in which the footprints were found are dated from the Jurassic period, about 150 million years ago.

It is this sort of consistency that leads scientists to believe in evolution. Dinosaur footprints and fossils are always found in layers of the earth dated between 250 and 65 million years ago.

The same sort of consistency is found in all the layers of the earth, even world-wide. As you dig deeper, the fossils you find change.

One of the things that converted former young earth creationist Glenn Morton to believing in evolution (while still believing in Christ and interpreting Genesis mostly literally) was drilling in his job as an oil company geologist. The predictions of the layers, the fossils, and thus how deep the oil would be found were accurate. Eventually, he could no longer deny the evidence in front of his eyes.

The progression of life in the earth is not coincidence. It is not deception by scientists. It is reality, and it proves there was death before Adam. If we don't learn to interpret our Bibles in such a way as to understand this, we are simply going to be buried under the scientific evidence as it mounts higher and higher.

If God made the earth, and if he inspired the Bible, this will be no problem. It will be impossible for the scientific evidence and the inspiration of the Bible to conflict.

If we have to give up our honesty to be Christians and to defend Biblical inspiration, then what we believe isn't true.

Having scared myself greatly being honest in my research of scientific evidence and Christian history, I can tell you that my confidence grows every day that a true understanding of Biblical inspiration not only allows one to be honest with science, it leads to a Christian life that has real power.

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